Traveling Through Tulsa on a Budget

From the Philbrook Museum of art, through the Tulsa Zoo and The Air and Space Museum, to the famous Center of the Universe; Tulsa is definitely a place you’ll want to visit at least once in your lifetime.

And if you utilize coupon books or online travel offers websites, it could potentially save you hundreds of dollars off a day in beautiful Tulsa, Oklahoma. You can find savings on almost anything!


You can find airplane tickets to Tulsa for $240.00 USD from anywhere in the United States, depending on the time of the year you choose for leisure, they can get even lower and offer special pricing.


On your stay, you will happen to find out that Tulsa offers the best Hotels to stay for the most affordable prices. From inns that charge only $55 USD per night, to high end and luxurious hotel rooms for less than $100 per night. Let’s check out some of the places you can stay at and enjoy your stay to its best.

1. Days Inn Tulsa Central: Located at 79th Avenue, you can stay in this beautiful place for only $69.00 USD per night and enjoy of a really competitive variety of amenities, such as free Wi-Fi, free breakfast, onsite parking, pool, fitness center and business center. All of these marvelous resources at no additional cost. Days Inn also offers the most comfortable resting environment, geared up with a King Size bed with double mattress, HD Television, executive desktop and top end hygiene!

2. Ramada Hotels in Tulsa: Conveniently located at the crossroads of I-44 and Memorial Drive, Ramada is a pet-friendly hotel that is pretty close to all Downtown, Tulsa International Airport, University of Oklahoma and the expo-square. Ramada’s clean and accommodating rooms were designed with all the extent of comfort in mind, offering free Wi-Fi, breakfast, stay for your pet(s), pool, fitness center and a meeting/conference room. All of these for the incredible price of $79.99 per night!

3. Fairfield Inn and Suites: Fairfield offers free transport service from the airport to your room, making things way much easier. The southwestern hotel allows you stay for only $72 bucks per night, in their large and comfortable rooms with king sized bed, while enjoying of free Wi-Fi, Gym, private pool, and free breakfast!

Tulsa is a relatively affordable place to be at, where you can get a basic lunch including drink for only $11, a fast food meal for $6, 1 gallon of gas for 2 dollars, or just go into public transport for somewhere around $40 USD per month.

Movie tickets are only 11 dollars, and you can find bars with the best cocktails and beers from 5 to 8 dollars.

With the basics broken down, you could spend a whole week doing tourism or business around Tulsa for less than $1000.00. Pretty good for travelers on a budget who want to have pleasant and memorable experiences outdoors!